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Prostate 911 By Phytage Labs

Prostate 911 Review – As kids we used to get away with a lot of things. Screaming, breaking toys and even peeing in the bed. As you get older, these things are generally frowned upon. Men tend to have a number of urogenital problems as they get older. Enlarged Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction are two of the most common diseases men face in old age. They tend to happen with age, there is just no stopping them. Now for some good news, if you suffer from any of these conditions then I may have just the cure for you but first I want to give a brief overview of these diseases and why exactly they happen. Let’s find how prostate 911 help.

Enlarged Prostate 

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine passes out of the body. An enlarged prostate means the gland has grown bigger. It occurs when the cells of the prostate gland begin to multiply. These additional cells cause your prostate gland to swell, which squeezes the urethra and limits the flow of urine.Prostate enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older. An enlarged prostate is often called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). 

BPH is a normal condition and is usually seen in aging men. 

How do you know if you have an enlarged prostate?

These are a few symptoms associated with BPH,

  • incomplete bladder emptying
  • nocturia, which is the need to urinate two or more times per night
  • dribbling at the end of your urinary stream
  • incontinence, or leakage of urine
  • the need to strain when urinating
  • a weak urinary stream
  • a sudden urge to urinate
  • a slowed or delayed urinary stream
  • painful urination
  • blood in the urine

If you suffer from any of these symptoms then you my friend have an enlarged prostate. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient to have sex. Causes are usually medical but can also be psychological. Organic causes are usually the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels or nerves supplying the penis. When a man is excited, muscles in the penis relax. This allows for increased blood flow through the penile arteries, filling two chambers inside the penis. As the chambers fill with blood, the penis grows rigid and you get an erection. Any problems in this blood flow may lead to erectile dysfunction. 

You too may be a victim of erectile dysfunction if you suffer from one of the following symptoms,

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is a special dietary supplement. This supplement will help treat your enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. You prostate gland will shrink back to its normal size in no time. You won’t have to worry about getting an erection any more as it will come naturally to you, as it should. Prostate 911 is a potent formula made up a unique blend of ingredients which all work together to bring you back in action. The supplement is risk free and clinically tested. You can get back to your normal life without any sort of shame once you start using Prostate 911. 

Ingredients of Prostate 911 

I know that there are so many drugs out there for enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction, but they come with many side-effects. A drug known as tamsulosin is generally prescribed for BPH but its adverse effects include orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia. If you want something natural and effective then Prostate 911 is an excellent choice. This supplement is made of 5 special ingredients, all of which contribute to the formula in their own way. 

They are: 

  • Stinging Nettle: Some studies suggest that it is great at slowing the growth of certain prostate cells. It is one of the most powerful, natural and effective prostate-reducing solutions. It is a natural ingredient and so does not have harmful side-effects.
  • Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto is used mainly for urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate gland (also called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH). Saw palmetto is also used for other conditions, including chronic pelvic pain, bladder disorders, decreased sex drive, hair loss, and hormone imbalances. 
  • Zinc: Taking zinc supplements, or increasing dietary intake of zinc may help reduce urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Zinc also contributes towards a normal urine flow for you by enlarging the urethral channel that your enlarged prostate has been squeezing off. 
  • Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder: Pygeum is a tree. The bark is used as medicine. Pygeum is used for treating symptoms of enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) and prostate cancer. It is also used for pain caused by inflammation, kidney disease, urinary problems, malaria, stomachache, fever, and to increase sexual desire. 
  • Broccoli Leaf Extract: Eating more vegetables can help lower your risk of BPH. Green leafy vegetables are especially important because they are rich in antioxidants. Leafy vegetables such as broccoli also reduce the risk of prostate problems, including BPH and prostate cancer.
  • Pumpkin Seeds:  Contains Vitamins E and K and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, it promotes a healthy prostate size. This is also confirmed by the German Government Health Commission.
  • Uva Ursi – A very popular anti-oxidant which helps prevent oxidative damage to the prostate cells.

How Does Prostate 911 Work ?

Prostate 911 is a great supplement that works by treating both enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. The supplement shrinks the enlarged prostate so that you can fully empty your bladder.  It also allows cGMP, the chemical involved in creating an erection to make its way to the penis allowing you to get and maintain an erection. As long as you take the supplement continuously you will for sure feel better in no time.  

Benefits of Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is a combination of a number of great ingredients which all work together to improve your urogenital system. The supplement has a number of benefits which include,

  • Supports Urinary Health: Our body is formed by many systems and each function has to work properly so that your body feels its absolute best. The urinogenital system is usually affected as you get older but Prostate 911 makes sure to support your urinary health. 
  • Treats Enlarged Prostate:  When your prostate gland enlarges it can lead to problems like incontinence, stoppage in urination and the constant need to pee. Prostate 911 is designed to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and to make your life easier.
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction: The inability to get or maintain an erection can take a toll on your personal life. It may leave you embarrassed and stressed about your sexual performance. Prostate 911 has incredible ingredients that will treat erectile dysfunction. 
  • Good Night’s Sleep: Urinary urgencies can disturb your sleeping patterns and can affect your daily routine. You won’t have to worry about any of that with this supplement. 
  • You’ll Feel Strong: Urinary problems usually go unnoticed but they can make you weak and dependent. Prostate 911 will help you feel strong and capable again. 
  • Natural Ingredients: I’m sure many of you fear taking medications as the side-effects are greater than the positive results. Prostate 911 is a great alternative as it is made of all  natural ingredients and so you won’t have to worry about any ill effects on your body.
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling: Inflammation is a silent killer and at the root of both BPH and erectile dysfunction, there lies inflammation. The ingredients in the supplement deal with inflammation effectively.

Reviews On Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is a top rated supplement. Users only write reviews to rave about how the supplement has helped change their lives. Firstly, it is made of natural ingredients and they help stimulate the right chemicals in the body. Secondly, it works in a specific way in which it targets two urogenital diseases, enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. 

Users claim to have a stronger bladder, less cases of urinary urgency and better erections. All this just by using one supplement!

How To Use Prostate 911

Prostate 911 will benefit your body as long as you use the supplement as directed. Prostate 911 dietary supplements are available in the form of pills. For achieving best results, it is best recommended to have 2 pills a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. The pills should be taken with water. You will see results in just 3 months. 

Prostate 911 Is True To Its Name!

Sometimes some issues are too private and embarrassing for us to discuss in public. In fear of this embarrassment we end up not getting the right treatment at the right time. Well no more! You need to take action and all you have to do is start using Prostate 911 for your urogenital issues. This supplement is the best of the best and with time will get your urogenital system up and running. 

Get your bottle today and soon you’ll feel capable, strong and like yourself again!

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